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Career Workshops

The Reach Out Project gives young people access to specialised and tailored career workshops with professionals working for high-profile companies.


Our workshops are specifically delivered by young Black professionals as we believe such representation will help demonstrate the attainability of the students’ career aspirations. These workshops also become a catalyst for change as our young people are shown how to develop a career from their hobbies and interests.

​To date, students have:

  • Been invited to KPMG’s Head Office in Canary Wharf to learn about apprenticeships, internships and graduate schemes.

  • Visited HSBC’s Digital Head Office in London Bridge for a coding tutorial, allowing students to successfully code their own websites using “HTML”.

  • Been invited to Facebook for a career workshop on Gaming and Virtual Reality, which gave our young people an insight into non-traditional career options.

  • Visited NKDTV to take part in a 3-day workshop which saw the students creating, filming, directing and editing their own short-films.

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