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Annual Sports Day

Community outreach is a large part of The Reach Out Project’s success. Each year, we enlist the help of various African & Caribbean Men and Women in the local community to mentor, guide and support the young people on the programme.

As part of this, The Reach Out Project hosts a Sports Day to celebrate the success of our young people enrolled on the programme. We use this event as an opportunity to thank our volunteers but also for the students to show off their sporting prowess. The Sports Day is arguably the highlight of the year!

The day involves a range of activities, including a 7-a-side football tournament where mentors, volunteers and students compete for the Championship title. It is a fantastic opportunity for our young people to improve their physical health and fitness but evidence also indicates a positive link between improved mental well-being and being active. We believe our sports day provides a holistic community centred experience for not only our young beneficiaries but all who are involved.


We not only use the Sports Day as a recreational event, but believe it facilitates positive relationships between the volunteers, mentors and role models within a safe space. This is an opportunity some of our students do not get very often.


Since our Inaugural Sports Day, the number of students in attendance has grown by 63%. Our goal is to open up this event to as many young people as possible each year.


"The annual sports day is a wonder to behold, as you can see many relationships build with mentors and young people. You get to see these young people enjoy themselves in such a beautiful way, enjoying themselves in all the activities available. It has been a blessing to see how these boys have grown from strength to strength. From some being on the reclusive side of things, to being open, bright, funny & wonderful young men. This is a testament to the work that is being done and I am just pleased to be a part of it."

—  Perry (Volunteer)


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